Featured Post: Historical Romance —Not Your Senior History Class by Callie Hutton | Fresh Fiction

A great article on Fresh Fiction by Callie Hutton, a member of HRN, on her path to historical romance:

I recently joined a new group of historical romance authors. Our intention in forming the group was to raise awareness of historical romance books. Too many readers pass us by because they believe ‘historical’ romance is too bland, too filled with boring historical facts, and too ‘old.’

Like a lot of other—especially girls—students, I loathed history class in school. All those boring, boring stories of wars, battles, political intrigue, and memorization of dates, really turned me off. I ploughed through my history classes with fingertips holding up my eyelids to keep from falling asleep.

Then, a few years after I left high school, I picked up an historical fiction book about the sixth wife of Henry VIII. I was fascinated, and embarrassed now, to say I had not really heard much about Henry VIII. In America, it’s hard enough to get through our boring history, without having to suffer through another country’s.

I went back to the library, and looked up more by the same author, and lo and behold, she had written about all six of his unfortunate wives. I read each one, not realizing at the time that I was reading ‘history.’


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