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A Forward Thinking Man

Aaron Montgomery Ward by Cheryl St. John This is the time of year we can appreciate online shopping. No crowds, no icy parking lots, no cranky checkers, no lines, no lugging heavy items like cat litter to your vehicle. Fifteen or twenty years ago we thought ordering from catalogs was the height of convenience. We now have a world of items at our fingertips. Nearly anything...

Fantastic Video – Explore Historical Romance!

Think you know historical romance? Prepare to be surprised. Never read historical romance? The subgenre has never been more diversified in its offerings to readers. To back up our claim, Historical Romance Network members put together a fun, energetic video highlighting a collection of beautiful covers by just a few of today’s stars in historical romance. Stay tuned – many more to come.  

Love History, Love Historical Romance

I have always loved history, even as a child. I majored in history and English in college and taught history. But even as a lover of history, I was never enamored of most history textbooks. In fact, a lot of history textbooks are, in my opinion, dry and boring. But boring seems to be the way they try to teach you to write in history class....