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Nineteen New York Times, USA Today, internationally bestselling, and award-winning historical romance authors bring you scenes from their books, all of which feature a much-loved theme: characters with hidden identities.

Discover a new beloved author! Escape to Regency London, Renaissance Paris, the Highlands of Scotland, Stuart and Victorian England, turn-of-the-century New York, the Old West, and more! Among these samples from nineteen historical romance novels, you’re bound to find a new favorite!

Hidden Identities
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Love lies just beyond the schoolroom…

Ten governesses find love in unexpected ways. From sweet to sizzling, there is a tale for every mood. These excerpts are perfect to read over a cup of coffee, on the train, or even before bed. You’ll fall head over heels for these historical tales of strong women who step beyond the limits of class and society to find the men of their dreams.

Escape to the romance of Regency and Victorian England and post-colonial America. Discover a new beloved author–Callie Hutton, April Kihlstrom, Ashlyn Macnamara, Deb Marlowe, Sharon Page, Patricia Rice, Erica Ridley, Charlotte Russell, Vivienne Westlake, Wareeze Woodson

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Dangerous circumstances create passionate love stories…

Discover a new author with exhilarating excerpts from historical romantic suspense’s stars. Each thrilling scene will entice you, drawing you in with mystery and intrigue.

Featuring twelve of HRN’s bestselling and award-winning historical romance authors–Alyssa Alexander, Jo Beverley, Darcy Burke, Christy Carlyle, Manda Collins, Tracey Devlyn, Julia Justiss, Wendy LaCapra, Ann Lethbridge, Deb Marlowe, Erica Monroe and Lana Williams. For more information, check out PastThrills.com.

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Historical Romance Network has a gift for you: our first excerpt booklet! Seventeen HRN members have included excerpts of First Meet scenes from their historical romances. They range from Viking era to the American West, and include newer authors and New York Times & USA Today bestsellers. Download the free booklet in your preferred format (mobi or epub), and find some new books to love!


Don’t have an e-reader? No problem! You can download Adobe Digital Edition to your desktop computer and use the epub version or download the Amazon Kindle App to your Desktop and use the mobi version.

Unexpected – mobi version

http://historicalromancenetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Unexpected-Fi rst-Meet-Scenes-From-Romantic-Stories-of-Passion-Intrigue-and-HumorMOBI.zip

Unexpected – epub version

http://historicalromancenetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Unexpected-Fi rst-Meet-Scenes-From-Romantic-Stories-of-Passion-Intrigue-and-HumorEPUB.zip

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